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What Is Parole in Place?

Parole in Place is an immigration benefit reserved for family members of military members and veterans (both alive or deceased) that grants spouses, sons and daughters, and parents temporary permission to be in the United States (which can be renewed) while they pursue a more permanent legal status. Essentially, this program allows for families of immigrants serving in the military who entered the country unlawfully or who have fallen out of status to apply for immigration benefits that require lawful entry into the United States, allowing them to have lengthy punishments of “unlawful presence bars” against them forgiven.  Further, it can be used as a way to protect a person from deportation, reopen a deportation case, and qualify for a work permit. 

The main objective of Parole in Place is to ensure that military members can carry out their duties in serving the United States without being distracted or focused on deportations of their loved ones who do not have legal status in the U.S. In addition, this program serves to honor and recognize the military service of veterans who made great sacrifices in their great service to our country.

Benefits of Parole in Place

The Parole in Place policy offers several benefits to military members and their families. Let’s review the major benefits of Parole in Place:

1. Peace of Mind for Military Members

Military members will benefit from Parole in Place because it offers more peace of mind for them while they serve in the United States military. This is because Parole in Place allows military members to have peace of mind about their families status who may not be living legally in the United States.

2. Deferred Action: Protection of Family Members from Deportation

A major benefit of Parole in Place includes protection from deportation for family members for up to a two-year period, which can be renewed, in the form of “Deferred Action.”  Applicants for the Deferred Action benefit of PIP can receive a work permit if they show an “economic necessity for employment.”   

3. Eligibility for Adjustment of Status

Another major benefit of Parole in Place is the ability to adjust a qualifying family member’s status to apply for a green card in the United States if they entered unlawfully. This is because they will receive an arrival/departure record or I-94 valid for one year, which shows evidence of lawful entry when it’s time to start the process of adjusting their status to that of a green card holder.

Who Is Eligible for Military Parole in Place?

To be eligible for Parole in Place, you must be a son, daughter, parent, or spouse of:

  • An active military member
  • A veteran who served in the military
  • National Guard members or veterans

What is the Parole in Place Application Process Like?

The application process for Parole in Place looks like this:

  1. Fill out necessary forms for the application
  2. Documentation and evidence collection to show proof of: family relationship (marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.), proof of service in the armed forces of the service member, passport photos, and any “favorable discretionary factors” 
  3. Send paperwork and evidence to USCIS or ICE, which will determine your eligibility on a case-by-case basis as to whether you have established “urgent humanitarian reasons or a significant public benefit”

Due to the complexities of immigration law, it’s best to find legal representation that can guide you through the process of Parole in Place as well as help you build your strongest case for approval. An immigration lawyer can also answer any questions you have about the process and your unique situation you may find yourself in.  Considering these cases are highly discretionary and only decided under a “case-by-case” basis under the law, it is strongly encouraged to seek a qualified and experienced immigration attorney to help you present your most compelling case.

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