Celebrating Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Celebrating Military Spouse Appreciation Day & Important Immigration Updates

As we approach May 10th, Military Spouse Appreciation Day, we want to express our sincere appreciation to the unsung heroes who stand beside our brave service members, offering unwavering support and sacrifice. Your strength and resilience are the bedrock of our military families, and we salute you for your dedication and service to our country.

In the spirit of honoring military spouses, we’d like to share some important updates regarding immigration law, specifically relating to Parole in Place. This provision allows certain foreign nationals who entered the United States without authorization to stay for a specified period on humanitarian or public benefit grounds. While parole is considered a lawful immigration status for specific purposes, it’s crucial to note that it does not absolve any durations of unauthorized presence beyond the parole period.

Why might you need Parole in Place?

If you find yourself in the United States without authorization, you may be ineligible for various immigration benefits. However, if your request for Parole in Place is approved, you:

  • Do not accrue unlawful presence during the specified period.
  • May apply for a work permit for the specified period.
  • If eligible, they may be able to apply for immigration benefits that require lawful entry, such as a Green Card. Remember, parole alone does not confer any immigration status or other benefits.

Are you eligible for Parole in Place?

If you are the son or daughter, husband, widow(er), parent, or other qualifying relative, you may be eligible for Parole in Place in increments of one year.

  • A member of the United States armed forces serving on active duty.
  • A person in the Ready Reserve’s Selected Reserve.
  • A military veteran, whether living or deceased, who served in active duty or the Selected Reserve of the Ready Reserve, provided they were not dishonorably discharged.

Celebrating Military Spouse Appreciation Day

How to request Parole in Place

To apply for Parole in Place, You must complete Form I-131, Application for Travel Document, and submit it to your local USCIS office fee-free. Additionally, you’ll need to provide copies of documents proving your eligibility, such as evidence of the family relationship and proof of military service.

Recent News: Biden Administration’s Consideration of ‘Parole in Place’ Amnesty

Recent reports suggest that the White House is considering extending the “Parole in Place” legal option from military spouses and families to up to 1.1 million alien spouses of U.S. citizens. This change would most likely be made through an executive order, and any new administration could reverse it. 

However, if this change does occur, it would be essential for all those who could qualify to file as soon as they can, considering the possibility of challenges to the law. 

If you hear this law has been implemented, contact us at Immigration Lawyers USA for updates and to determine whether you could qualify as a military family in the meantime.

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

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