How Much Does an Immigration Lawyer Cost in Florida?

Many people are overwhelmed as they consider hiring a lawyer for their immigration case.  Sometimes, immigrants feel more comfortable hiring non-lawyers for immigration help because the cost will be lower.  

However, cost is only one of many factors you should consider when preparing to file your immigration case. Even when comparing lawyers cost is only one of the factors that should be weighed when choosing the person or company to hold your fate in their hands.  It is essential to consider the experience of the lawyer, what percentage of their practice is immigration law, how responsive the office is to your calls and inquiries as a prospective client, the cost, what level of customer service is included in the price, and the reputation of the lawyer and law firm according to reviews and feedback other clients have left online.  

However, cost is a significant factor for consumers of any service or product. At Immigration Lawyers USA, we understand the importance of transparency when discussing the costs associated with hiring legal representation for immigration cases. In this article, we'll delve into the costs of hiring an immigration lawyer for various case types, including Marriage Green Card Cases, Citizenship applications, Fiance or Marriage Visas with Consular Processing, and cases of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). We'll also explore why some cases may be more complicated than others and the invaluable return on investment that hiring a lawyer can bring.

Understanding Case Complexity

It's essential to recognize that not all immigration cases are created equal. The complexity of a case can depend on several factors, including the specific immigration benefit sought, the individual's immigration history, and any extenuating circumstances such as criminal history or previous denials. Let's break down the complexity of each case type:

  1. Marriage Green Card Cases: While marriage-based green card applications may seem straightforward, they can become complex if there are issues such as prior immigration violations, discrepancies in documentation, or suspicion of marriage fraud. Navigating the evidence requirements and proving the bonafide of the marriage requires legal expertise.  In Florida, a marriage-based green card case typically costs between $4,000 - $8,000.00 depending on whether you need a co-sponsor, have any arrests that must be mitigated or have a previous accusation of marriage fraud also to address.  It is recommended that the lawyer represent the applicants at any marriage-based interview if they get one and help them respond to any requests for evidence received in the process.
  2. Citizenship Applications: Citizenship applications involve stringent eligibility requirements and a thorough examination of the Applicant's immigration history, criminal record, and residency status.  Because filing for citizenship consists of the government reviewing your entire file from start to end and will re-analyze whether you were eligible in the first place for your green card or if you have committed any acts that make you now deportable; it's crucial to ensure the person is good candidate before filing and to document eligibility properly. Many applicants may require help with sworn statements concerning Selective Service Registration, tax issues, child support agreements, and rehabilitation following arrests or convictions.  In Florida, hiring a lawyer to represent you for your citizenship case could range between $2,500.00 and $6,000.00 depending on whether you have any arrests, if you need sworn statements, and whether the attorney will represent you at the interview. 
  3. Fiance or Marriage Visas with Consular Processing: Consular processing for fiance or marriage visas involves navigating the legal requirements of both U.S. immigration law and the laws of the foreign country where the visa application is processed. Delays or denials can occur if the application needs to be meticulously prepared and presented, making legal representation invaluable. The average Fiance Visa, which involves the I-129F and Consular Processing, ranges between $5,000.00 and $8,000.00 in Florida. For the CR-1 Marriage Visa, which is the I-130 and Consular Processing, the range is between $5,000.00 to $8,000.00.  Further, K-3 Visas, which are hybrid marriage visas that involve filing an I-130 Family Petition and later an I-129F for spouses, cost around $6,000 - $10,000.00.  Prices depend on what is included in the service level and whether requests for evidence would also be included or charged separately. 
  4. VAWA Cases: Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) cases involve unique legal challenges, including proving eligibility for immigration relief as a victim of abuse or domestic violence. Navigating the sensitive nature of these cases and gathering compelling evidence requires the expertise of an immigration lawyer.  To win this case, you must document the bona fides of the marriage, the abuse, including psychological, physical, financial and emotional, as well as the fact that the Applicant is a person of good moral character.  These cases can run between $4,000.00 - $8,000.00 and more if filing for a green card simultaneously. 

The Value of Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

While the cost of hiring an immigration lawyer may seem daunting, the value and return on investment far outweigh the financial expenditure. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Increased Likelihood for Success: Immigration lawyers effectively navigate the complexity of immigration law with their experiences, knowledge, and resources. Their expertise can provably increase the possibility of a successful outcome for your case, whether it's obtaining a green card, citizenship, or visa.
  2. Peace of Mind Throughout the Process: The immigration process can be frustrating and overwhelming, especially for individuals navigating it alone. Hiring a lawyer provides peace of mind, as it appears that a skilled professional is advocating for your rights and guiding you through every step of the process.
  3. Immeasurable Value in Reuniting Families: For many immigrants, the ultimate goal is to reunite with loved ones and secure their immigration status in the United States. The value of achieving this milestone cannot be overstated, making the investment in legal representation worthwhile in their peace, happiness and success as a family unit.  On the other hand, continued separation of families causes stress on the family as well as the mental health of each member involved, especially young children.  Marriages separated for a long 

Understanding Payment Structures

Most law firms, including Immigration Lawyers USA, offer flexible payment structures to accommodate clients' needs. These may include:

  1. Flat Fees: Most immigration law firms charge flat fees for particular services, such as preparing and filing immigration applications. It allows clients to know the total cost upfront, providing transparency and predictability. If a plan changes when you have a flat-fee agreement, the lawyer can amend your agreement or send you a new deal according to the latest steps that must be taken. 
  2. Charging by Steps: Some firms may charge clients based on the complexity of their case and the steps involved in the immigration process. This approach confirms that clients only pay for the services they need at each stage of their case. It is similar to a flat fee arrangement, but it will specify which of the case's steps is included in that agreement. 
  3. Fee Paid Before Case Filed or with Payment Plan: Payment policies vary among law firms, but most immigration firms require all payments to be made upfront before the case is filed.  However, some firms allow the client to pay a deposit or a portion of the fee upfront before the case is filed, with the remainder paid in installments while the case is pending set up by automatic drafts or credit card payments.  It is not common in immigration practices to allow the client to pay after the completion of the case or only in the event that the case was approved because you hire the lawyer for the work done, not a guaranteed outcome.
Pricing table of Immigration Lawyers USA

How Does Immigration Lawyers USA Accept Payments?

Immigration Lawyers USA in Miami will verify your eligibility and form a plan of success for your unique case during the Strategy Session you have with the lawyer.  During the strategy session, the lawyer will go over all the steps involved and what will be included in the agreement.  Because Immigration Lawyers USA understands that clients have varied levels of need and have different budgets, we offer three different Service Plans to give you control over the price and amount of customer service included in your case.  

Lite Plan

We recommend the Lite Plan for those who are on a budget and have time to wait 90 days for their case to be filed.  This plan includes the package preparation and filing with USCIS, quality control review before filing, and you can self-schedule with the lawyer up to one time per month.  We recommend this plan for cases where you have a family petition that will take several years for the visa to become available, for example, or where you have time to file the case without going out of status. 

Pro Plan

Our most popular plan is our Pro Plan, which includes package preparation and filing before USCIS, quality control review before filing, and interview preparation. You can also self-schedule an appointment with the lawyer up to two times per month. For this Service Plan, the case is guaranteed to be filed within 60 days of hiring the lawyer.  This service plan works for most case types as long as you have at least 60 days before your case should be filed.

Max Plan

Our plan that offers the most coverage is our Max Plan. This plan allows you the most coverage.  With the Max plan, you can self-schedule with the attorney up to one time per week, and we can file your case within 30 days of hiring us. Further, in addition to all the services included in the Lite and Pro Plans, the Max Plan also includes Representation at the Interview if you get one and a Response to a Request for Evidence if you get one.  Because it is common these days to get either a Request for Evidence or an Interview, and some cases get both, the Max Plan is a good value for many cases and will offer the peace of mind to know that there should not be any other fees that come up in the course of the case.  

Payment Plans

For most case types, other than appeals and cases that must be filed sooner than 30 days from hire, we accept payment plans. As long as you leave a credit card on file for automatic payment, we will file your case after you pay your initial deposit, which for most case types is $2,500.00, plus government fees.  The monthly payment plan for most cases is $650.00 per month. 

Immigration Loans

For clients who need additional assistance to pay for their case, including government fees or more extended payment plans, Immigration Lawyers USA works with an Immigration Loan Service Provider, BYD Cash, to loan up to $15,000.00 to qualifying applicants.  The benefit of using an Immigration loan like BYD Cash is that the loan will be in the immigrant's name, which will help them build credit in the United States.  An applicant who does not have any legal status at the moment would need to add a co-signer on the loan who has lawful status. For more information on how to apply, check out BYD Cash at  


In conclusion, while the cost of hiring an immigration lawyer may vary depending on the quality of the case and the law firm's payment structure, the value and return on investment are undeniable. From increasing the likelihood of success to providing peace of mind throughout the process, hiring a lawyer can be the key to achieving your immigration goals and reuniting with loved ones in the United States.

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