Planning to File your Case by Yourself or with a non-lawyer?

You don't have to do it alone! Undergoing a complex administrative law process like with US immigration law in order to get your loved one a green card is stressful enough, but if you're trying to become an immigration expert on your own without a lawyer, your stress will multiply by 100. Why? Because it will take you a couple of months minimum to put together the nearly 90 pages of forms if you are doing them right, and the risk of you getting the fees wrong, an incorrect box marked, end up missing evidence or something else that will get your case rejected delayed or denied, is quite high: you're actually not an immigration expert, despite all the blogs and research you do on Google. And what's worse, is your partner will blame it on you for making a mistake and not hiring the immigration lawyer like they told you to. And when things go awry, it will be on your shoulders alone to realize what needs to be fixed and make sure your case is on track. To save some money, what you will spend is lots of wasted time, and in some cases, your relationship will be the casualty. Instead, having the peace of mind to know you have an expert legal team by your side, holding your hand and walking with you the entire process, that is priceless. You can sleep, knowing we can help avoid common mistakes, send the best evidence to avoid unnecessary delays, and help you follow up if your case is taking longer than it should. We will worry about your case for you, so you can rest assured your loved one's green card process is in good hands.

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