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Cuban citizens or nationals who entered the United States lawfully or were paroled into the United States may apply for Adjustment of Status to get their green card under the Cuban Adjustment Act.

What is a Cuban Adjustment Act Lawyer?

Cuban citizens or nationals who entered the United States lawfully or were paroled into the United States may apply for Adjustment of Status to get their green card under the Cuban Adjustment Act. This route to a green card is a special benefit to Cuban citizens that is not afforded to other nationalities. A Cuban Adjustment Attorneys at Immigration Lawyers USA can help you learn about whether you qualify for this special program, the Cuban Adjustment Act.

The Cuban Adjustment Act, or the CAA, was initially passed in 1966 due to the political situation in Cuba at that time. The goal of the program was to offer a pathway to a green card for certain Cubans who qualified by passing criminal background checks and proving at least one year and one day of physical presence in the United States after a lawful admission or parole.

The “Wet Foot, Dry Foot” policy in Cuba was ended by the Obama Administration, and as such, it is important for the Cuban individual to have entered the country lawfully and be either admitted or paroled into the country in order to qualify for the program. A person who has a deportation order or was not paroled into the country but walked across a land border illegally is not eligible for the program.

Benefits to the Cuban Adjustment Act

A person who gains their green card through the CAA is awarded certain benefits as opposed to other green card applicants. First, they get their green card approved as of the date they entered the country, or as much as 30 months rolled back from the date of their green card approval. Secondly, they get the green card approved for 10 years instead of a conditional two (2) years like most green card case approved based on marriages lasting under two (2) years. Thirdly, they can also apply for their spouses and children as derivatives, as long as their children and spouse also qualify (ie, were admitted or paroled and have one year and one day in the country, and do not have disqualifying crimes).

While most Cuban Adjustment cases may seem straight forward, they are not always. Specifically, CU7 marriage cases for spouses are ripe for accusations of fraud, considering much marriage fraud is committed in these types of cases. Cuban marriage cases adjusting under the Cuban Adjustment Act need to prove that they live together during the marriage, while that is not a requirement for other nationality marriage cases or Cuban cases not adjusting under the CAA. For this reason, it is best to have a Miami Cuban Adjustment Act Lawyer assist you with the process. Further, many adjustment cases are very backlogged at this time due to processing delays, and you will benefit from having an experienced lawyer helping you navigate the timeline and processing times to know if you should file an inquiry or claim in order to push your case through if it is delayed beyond the processing times.

How Can a Cuban Adjustment Act Lawyer Help?

The lawyers at Immigration Lawyers USA are Cuban Adjustment Act Lawyers that have experience with the unique problems Cubans have and with the nuances of the CAA. We can help you file your case timely and make sure your process is filed with the correct evidence to avoid any delays, and help you follow up if your case does fall behind. We can prepare you for an be with you at the Cuban Adjustment Act interview. Further, we can let you know if you do not qualify so that you don’t file an application that could get you placed into Deportation Proceedings. Please call us at 305-501-0783 to schedule your Cuban Adjustment Act consultation now!

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