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Can a Lawyer Speed Up My Immigration Case? Yes, Here’s How

Yes! An immigration lawyer can expedite the process of obtaining your immigration status. They know how to complete and submit the necessary documents correctly, minimizing delays and errors.

“Can a lawyer speed up my immigration case?” is a common question for those seeking residency and other immigration benefits in the USA. Many applicants have been denied due to incorrect paperwork, missing evidence, or critical mistakes.

Most people believe that lawyers can accelerate the process but they want to understand how immigration lawyers can achieve this. I’m Alicia Morgan, a top-rated attorney and owner of the successful law firm Immigration Lawyers USA in Miami, Florida. 

I’ll discuss my strategies for streamlining my clients’ immigration processes. Lawyers often handle these critical steps more effectively, reducing the likelihood of errors that applicants might make when handling the case themselves or trusting a non-lawyer.

Steps to Expedite or Streamline Your Immigration Case

1. Determine Your Eligibility

After our initial immigration strategy session, I will create a personalized plan to help you win your immigration case. Some applicants have criminal cases or wish to avoid vaccines that would require a waiver to be filed.  

Other cases could be filed more than one way, and an experienced immigration attorney will help you to understand which path is the best for your particular goals and circumstances.  

Further, I will help you create a custom checklist of evidence to collect to strengthen your case and avoid a request for evidence or, in some cases, an interview. 

2. Help You Complete the Paperwork Correctly

Correct paperwork is crucial for obtaining immigration benefits. First, we ensure all the needed forms are included and file them most efficiently. Some cases can be filed online, while others would be jeopardized or take longer if you file them online and should be paper-filed instead.  

Forms must be completed in the correct version, with the proper fees, with all pages included, with all signatures included, to the correct address, and that’s only a tiny portion of all the details that must be double-checked before a case is filed. Small mistakes or missed boxes can cause delays, rejections, or denials. 

My team and I will guide you in completing the correct forms and help you supply us with the necessary evidence to avoid rejection and increase your chances of approval.  

Under the current administration, USCIS is trying to skip the interview for many case types, and sending the correct forms and supporting evidence is the primary way to waive your interview.  

We also have experience reviewing your supporting documents, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, bona fide marriage documents, and taxes, to ensure they are accurate, translated, and acceptable to the US government.

3. Minimize Bureaucratic Hold-ups

Bureaucratic hold-ups, such as delays due to administrative and government authorities, are common. These can be caused by delayed or missing receipt notices, incorrect supporting documents, requests for additional evidence or information, changes in immigration laws while your case is pending, criminal background checks, and security clearance issues. 

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My experience lets me anticipate and address these problems, helping you avoid unnecessary delays. For example, if your receipt notice isn’t received within six weeks of filing, we help you file a claim with the USCIS Lockbox until it is received correctly. Sometimes, even when the government makes a mistake, it takes several months of being “on top of them” before they will correct the error or assist with the problem. 

If the government requests additional evidence in your case, we must supply what they ordered as soon as possible. At times, the government asks for things you have already given them.  You must point out that you already gave the government these items and resupply them to avoid your case being erroneously denied based on a failure to respond to the request for evidence in your case. We will also help with all deadlines and ensure all documents are submitted to the correct location. 

4. Help You Avoid Common Mistakes

Simple mistakes can significantly delay your immigration process. Common errors include:

  • Spelling Errors: Ensure all names, addresses, and information are correct.
  • Incorrect Paperwork: Select the correct forms for your case and follow the immigration office’s instructions.
  • Insufficient Information: To avoid delays from additional information requests, provide all required documents. If your case requires a medical exam, submit it with the application.
  • Unsigned Documents: Ensure all documents are signed correctly and by the correct person. The government does not accept electronic signatures, but scanned copies of original signatures are. 
  • Outdated Forms: Use the latest versions of immigration forms from the USCIS website, and make sure you include all pages, including the appendix.

5. Monitor the Processing Times and help you File Service Claims.

At Immigration Lawyers USA, we stay connected with immigration websites to monitor your application’s progress. We:

  • Schedule a follow-up if we don’t receive your receipt notice on time.
  • Monitor the processing times of all your pending applications, including your work and travel permits.
  • Regularly check the status of submitted applications and update you on the current processing times and when we are eligible to file a request for an update on your case from USCIS.
  • Follow-up on claims or service requests we filed on your behalf. 
  • Keep in touch with any changes in immigration laws or procedures that could affect your case.

6. Help you File a Request to Expedite or a Mandamus Lawsuit

Identifying and Leveraging Opportunities for Expedited Processing

While an immigration lawyer cannot speed up the process directly, they can identify opportunities for expedited processing within the legal framework. 

Lawyers are familiar with programs and special provisions allowing faster processing, such as emergency requests to accelerate your case called Requests to Expedite. Military family members are eligible to request to expedite certain case types, like citizenship and I-130 instances, and they are also often eligible for Parole in Place.  

Further, any case can be expedited if urgent humanitarian factors or severe financial hardship are at play, which could be outlined and supported by evidence to prove it. We can help you file to expedite your case and include the proper evidence and legal argument to convince the government to approve your request.

Suppose other efforts to push a decision haven’t worked so far. In that case, we can tell you when to consider suing the government through a Mandamus Lawsuit if the government has not responded to your case in a “reasonable” amount of time.  

If we file a Mandamus complaint, the government will respond to the request within 60 days.  Many cases stuck for months or years have been remedied promptly after filing a Mandamus lawsuit.

7. Guide You Towards Congressional Support if necessary. 

If your application takes longer than expected or your case involves particular humanitarian or urgent factors, contacting congressional representatives can help remedy delays. We provide congressional support for:

  • Significant delays in processing.
  • Expedited visa processing for urgent needs.
  • Resolving errors or mismanagement by immigration authorities.
  • Facilitating better communication with authorities.
  • Reviewing cases of unjust denial.

8. Help You Appeal or Refile Your Case

If your application is denied, my team will guide you through whether to appeal, refile, or both to maximize your chances of success. We:

  • Evaluate the decision and grounds for appeal or refiling.
  • Assess deadlines and the ability to prepare the approvable package within the time constraints
  • Compile necessary paperwork and correct any errors.
  • Prepare and submit compelling appeals or more robust denial-proof new applications.
  • Monitor progress and provide ongoing support.

Why Choose Immigration Lawyers USA?

Immigration Lawyers USA has a track record of over 3,500 successful cases. Our team offers:

  • Expert Guidance: Navigate complexities with our experienced team.
  • Personalized Approach: Tailored strategies for your unique case.
  • Timely Updates: Regular progress reports and prompt communication.
  • Peace of Mind: Confidently navigate the immigration process with expert support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do immigration cases take?

Timelines vary widely based on the application type, applicant’s background, and current USCIS processing times.

Although USCIS provides processing times online, they often vary widely from what an experienced immigration attorney can tell you they see in their office. At Immigration Lawyers USA, I can give you real-life examples from my clients to give you a better idea about how long to expect to wait for your case type in your specific city and state.  

Even simple immigration cases like the I-90s can take much longer than you anticipated, so it’s wise to ask this question to an experienced immigration lawyer like me at Immigration Lawyers USA.  

What is the fastest way for an immigrant to get a green card?

Family-based immigration is usually the fastest, especially for immediate relatives of U.S. citizens. 

However, employment-based green cards and special programs may offer quicker routes depending on circumstances.  

Please tell me about all your countries of citizenship and whether anyone has ever filed any immigration paperwork for you in the past. If you have any immigration history that could complicate your case, please do not hide this from your immigration attorney.  

An experienced Immigration lawyer can help you navigate the complexities with intentionality and strategy instead of “waiting to see” what happens with your head in the sand. 

Why is my lawyer taking so long to solve my case?

Backlogs at immigration offices can cause delays, additional background checks, or missing information. Lawyers work to address these issues proactively. But some delays are beyond their control.  

It’s essential to communicate with your immigration attorney regularly to ensure they understand where your case is and if any follow-up is required to ensure it’s on the right track. 

Bottom Line

Hiring a lawyer can significantly streamline and expedite your immigration case, as opposed to filing it yourself or with the help of a non-lawyer. 

An experienced immigration lawyer provides several key benefits that significantly enhance your immigration process. Their expertise and specialized knowledge in immigration law help navigate complex and constantly changing legal landscapes, ensuring that your application is prepared accurately and efficiently. 

Moreover, immigration lawyers can identify and leverage opportunities for expedited processing, such as special visa categories, emergency requests, congressional support, or Mandamus Lawsuits to help reduce unnecessary or excessive wait times. 

Their ability to communicate effectively with immigration authorities and provide solid legal advocacy is invaluable, especially in complex cases. They leverage their expertise to help you navigate the process more smoothly and quickly, significantly increasing the chances of a successful outcome, even without the stress, anxiety, and headache of filing it yourself.  

Contact Immigration Lawyers USA Today 

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